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In 2009 / 2010 there were 2,222 road deaths in the UK. These are the lowest figures since records began.

That was 2,222 too many

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fleet driver trainng, fleet driver assessment

2nd Exit driver training - not just for 'L'

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fleet driver trainng, fleet driver assessment

Do you drive as part of your job ?

Do you employ people who drive as part of their job ?

If so you have a legal obligation to carry out an assessment of the type of driving  undertaken and the drivers themselves. Failing to do so can have serious repercussions including jail terms for the Managers and Directors who failed to ensure it was carried out and a potential forced closure of the business.

Driving for work is the 3rd 'most likely to get you killed' job in the UK

Consider this - if you use fork lifts you must provide training and refresher training to the operators. Most people would accept that a fork lift, whilst being an extremely useful business tool, is also potentially a lethal device. How many people are killed by fork lifts each year ? A motor vehicle is also an extremely useful business tool. Driving as part of work is estimated to account for 1/3 of all vehicle related deaths, this amounts to approximately 800 work related deaths per year.

2nd Exit driver training includes help with working out a road risk management plan, driver assessment, eco driving and driver training to help minimise this risk.

How much ?

I charge 240.00 'per trainer day'. I will be available from 09:00 until 16:30, with 1/2 hour for lunch. This rate includes travel within a 50 mile radius of Derby. Additional mileage is charged at 30p per mile 'as the crow flies' or the time can be subtracted from the working day.

What you do with that time can be varied to suit your needs; by way of example :-

We can provide post collision driver training - yes prevention is better than cure but in the real world there are times when a driver has been involved in a collision and you would like their driving skills assessed and enhanced to reduce the chances of a repeat performance.

We can provide detailed help on making a road risk management plan covering vehicle selection and safety checks, preparation of a driver's handbook, driver licence checking (including how some drivers try to beat this - and how you can prevent it), laws relating to loading, towing, vans, rest requirements and more.

We can provide an initial presentation, carry out assessment and provide basic improvement suggestions for up to 4 drivers.

We can provide an initial presentation, carry out assessment and provide more detailed driver improvement for 2 drivers.

These are only suggestions - 2nd Exit driver training are proud to offer a personalised service and are always willing to tailor our training and schedules to fit your business needs.

Make it pay for itself

Running a company vehicle is extremely expensive. We demonstrate how to reduce wear and tear, maintenance costs and fuel costs - all without loss of time.

To arrange a meeting please call us on 07786 561288

Alternatively you can e-mail us at


Driver training in derby. Learn to drive in derby

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