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In 2009 / 2010 there were 2,222 road deaths in the UK. These are the lowest figures since records began.

That was 2,222 too many

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Learn to drive in Derby, driving instructor Derby

2nd Exit driver training - not just for 'L'

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Derby driving instructor, learn to drive derby

I do not provide cheap driving lessons - I provide quality driving lessons in Derby

I do not teach to pass the driving test - I teach to drive

As well as teaching 1 hour driving lessons I am happy to provide 1 1/2 hour driving lessons, 2 hour driving lessons, intensive driving courses and crash courses.

So you want to learn to drive ? To become a driver - a true driver - requires much more than the ability to steer, use the pedals and pass the theory test. How many times has it been said to a new driver "Right - you've passed your driving test, now it is time to learn to drive" ? What an appalling statement.

The quote below is from Nick Starling Director, General Insurance and Health, Association of British Insurers . . . .

"17 to 20-year-old male drivers are almost ten times as likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads than more experienced drivers. They are twice as likely to make an insurance claim, and those claims are on average three times higher."

If you are thinking that you don't fall into that group of drivers remember you and your family share the roads with them. It is simply not enough to drive for yourself. Safe driving is so much more than just moving your vehicle.

I work to the system of car control advocated by every Police force in the country commonly known as 'Roadcraft'. This system of car control is taught to people who have been referred to the National Driver Improvement Scheme AFTER they have crashed. I teach it so that people do not crash in the first place. Why wait until after a crash to find out how not to ?

I do not teach people "How" - I teach them "Why". Someone who understands WHY to do something is far more likely to do it compared to someone who is just told HOW. It is essential that a driver makes a series of conscious, well planned decisions based on accurate and well timed observations.

As well as being a fully qualified green badge driving instructor in Derby I train people to be driving instructors and am on the DSA fleet driver training register. The pass mark for the driving element of this test is no more than 2 'minor' errors in a practical test lasting over 1 hour.

Drivers I train will be taught and coached to a much higher standard than that required by the DSA L test, which in their own words shows that "you have shown the minimum acceptable standard". This allows for up to 15 driver errors (16 or more is a fail) - that is approximately one every 90 seconds. Can you think of any other test that allows you to make a mistake every 90 seconds and still be considered competent ? I expect every person I teach to drive to achieve at least the standard of a basic driving instructor - no more than 6 minor errors.

Cheap driving lessons or high quality driving lessons ?

If you have come to these pages looking for cheap driving lessons in Derby you are in the wrong place. I am a highly skilled driver trainer (DSA grade 5) and like any other expert I expect to be paid accordingly. I provide high quality, planned, one-to-one lessons in and around Derby structured to the needs of each individual pupil. In addition I provide lesson notes and diagrams I have created to support your learning. Everything from how the clutch,  gearbox and ABS work through to clear diagrams of local roundabouts explaining where and why you need to be in which lane. 

Over the years I have been a Derby driving instructor I have seen lesson prices fall, I have seen driving instructors make all manner of "special offers" and ridiculous prices. I've even seen driving lessons in Derby for 5 an hour. Ask yourself - if the instructor is charging you 5 an hour and fuel alone is over 5 a gallon just how much of a driving lesson are you going to get ? If your idea of a driving lesson is to be parked at the side of the road for over half of it to save the instructor from using any fuel then feel free - there is a seemingly endless supply of driving instructors who provide 'lessons' like this.

I positively encourage parents to be part of the learning process and provide help and guidance to ensure that private practice makes the best possible contribution to the overall learning process.

Driving lesson plans and prices

Lesson length Price
1 Hour 22.00
1 1/2 hour 30.00
2 hour 40.00
Block of 10 (paid in advance) 200.00

If you think I am expensive please remember this is a skill for life. Based on a 30 hour course and averaged out over a 50 year driving career this works out at less than 30p per week.

I do not teach for more than 2 hours at a time. Pupils may book more than 1 lesson in a day but there will be a break of at least 1/2 an hour between lessons - An essential part of safe driving is adequate rest.

To book your driving lessons in Derby call me on 07786 561288

Alternatively you can e-mail me at


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